Make your Postbox Smart

  • Receive Push Notifications for Packages, Mails, Letters.
  • React immediately for Spam, Non-delivery Notes, ...
  • No Wifi or Basestation necessary, install anywhere in 5 minutes
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Perfect for your smart home

Receive your packages & mail instantly

Make every Inbox digital in just a few steps

notify mailbox sensor
  • Quick to attach without tools

    Easy to install on all smooth surfaces thanks to self-adhesive strips.

  • Rechargeable via USB

    The main module slides down to charge and can be recharged via USB.

  • Easy

    No base station or similar required

    Notificat is completely self-sufficient and uses the LORA network, which is available free of charge in many places.

  • Durable

    Up to 90 days on one charge

    The integrated LiPo battery is measured daily and the app displays the battery level.

It's your choice

Simply use the app or one of our integrations

notify device

Flexible use

Android, iOS, Email, IFTTT and more

The easiest way is to download the app and get started. If you want, you can integrate the Notificat into your existing smart home. Since no base station is required and there are universal interfaces (e-mail, Http), the device is compatible with all providers.

To the Android app To the iOS app

Multi network technology

Intelligent network selection

The Notificat decides independently which of the free open networks it uses. TTN and Helium are currently supported. Helium is a blockchain based network. This ensures that the Notificat has as large a reception as possible. However, it is advisable to check the reception before purchasing.


Setup in a few steps

You can attach the Notificat anywhere you want to be notified when something moves without any tools. The imagination knows no limits. E.g. Mailbox, door, picket fence, refrigerator

Step 1

Switch on the Notificat and activate it in the app. Make sure the push notification arrives.

Step 2

Then attach the Notificat with the self-adhesive strips.


Be informed immediately about every letter, mail, love letter, magazine, etc.!

Feedback from users
Picture by Kai O. Kai O. up youtube

I wouldn't want to do without the push notification as soon as the postman puts something in the box downstairs

Picture by Liliya M. Liliya M. via email

Now I finally know who keeps throwing me such annoying ads

Picture by Anina K. Anina K. via email

Called directly after the postman why he didn't ring the bell even though I was at home...

Try it yourself

Get notified immediately when someone delivers something

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An Internet of Things (IoT) device that sends push notifications for a wide variety of application scenarios.

The most striking example is the integration into a mailbox in order to be informed more quickly about all mail.

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